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The winer This award “Premio José Mª Huch” VIII edition, intended to reward the author of a research work. The objective of this award is to encourage research fronts in the Road Transport contributes to sustainable development.

Impact of freight transport through “PLATOONING” in high capacity ways. (available only in Spanish language)

Impacto del transporte de mercancías mediante “PLATOONING” en vías de alta capacidad.

Authors: Ismael Ferrer Domingo  y  Álvaro Cuadrado Tarodo

For this call and in order to learn more about these contributions, the work related to the impact of the changing infrastructure for the establishment of transport corridors, using new automated driving technologies are especially taken into account.
Applications may be addressed to the headquarters of the Francisco Corell Foundation, located in the c / Orense 36, 1st D, Escal. Izq. Madrid 28020, having established itself as deadline for submission of work for the prize, the March 31, 2017.
* In the attached document you will find the basis for the presentation of papers.
PDF VIII Convocatoriapremio- bases
VII Prize "José María Huch". 2015

Dossier prensa VII Convocatoria
The jury of José María Huch Prize has decided to award the prize at its Seventh Convocation, Samir Awad. The winning entry, efficient Could the Spanish rail freight ?, which analyzes the management, traffic and results of RENFE. Francisco Corell Foundation convened in early 2015, the seventh edition of the “José María Huch” Award with the aim of encouraging research and knowledge in all fields and aspects that allow better and greater contribution of transport, in any However, the Sustainable Development.
The jury met last October 28, to fail the Prize. After analysis of the works presented, the jury decided to award the prize to Mr. Samir Awad Nunez, Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports Polytechnic University of Madrid. Expertise in Transport presented a paper entitled: Could it be the Spanish railroad freight efficient ?. The work of Samir Awad Nunez, after a first part dedicated to national and Community legislative evolution that has been regulating rail transport throughout its history and is an invaluable reference document, enters the management analysis, traffic and results of RENFE, with particular reference to its branch RENFE goods, providing numerous data tables that can be seen in the current reality of rail transport in Spain.
Their findings are especially significant to highlight the inefficiencies of the current Spanish railway system freight and hope do reflect and act to face their work essential transformation to a sustainable and competitive truly equal this mode of transport necessarily complementary to other modes, especially road and sea. * The award ceremony was held in a public ceremony on December 10, 2016, in the Hotel Miguel Angel Madrid.
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The Jury declared the Prize null and void on estimating that none of the papers submitted fulfilled the Prize Rules.

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